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cannibal! the musical! [15 May 2012|11:03am]
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CHECK US OUT!!!!! SKETCH COMEDY!!! [08 Sep 2010|08:26pm]
Check out my sketch comedy group! and subscribe! im sure you will laugh!

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[13 Mar 2010|05:43pm]
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because my feelings never change. [xposted] [27 Sep 2009|10:39am]


  • yup, thats me.

i love music, especially jpop/rock.
i really love anime and manga.
i love crime dramas like L&O and currently NCIS
i like to cook, alot. i'm 5'6 and kinda introverted
I'm bi, so sue me.
i'm very sarcastic and cynical but loving.
an overall contradiction, really.

also, i'm a hopeless romantic that is trying to learn her ways around love.
never been kissed. never had sex.

I love everything that I don't hate.
I hate everything that I don't love.

I am also a realist.

I'm an atheist, but that doesn't mean that I'm a monster, that I'm a pathetic excuse for a human being, simply because I have abandoned faith. I am tolerant of a person's choice to accept the existence of god or deny it, I can only hope you will grant me the same courtesy.

I couldn't care any less what you think of me because of my personality, beliefs, or anything else that you choose to judge of me.
I'm not your average 15 year old, but I'm not going to leap far enough to call myself original.

There are billions of people living in the world, originality is something hard to come across, so don't even kid yourself.

Even someone with a quarter of a brain, a heart of ice, and one testicle couldn't deny you're one hell of a lady.

oh yeah, i'm fifiteen and in michigan



[24 Jul 2009|05:57pm]
looking for some new friends! :D
hopefully friends who update frequently and comment! :D

so a little about me im goldie and im 23, almost 24 next month :).
im very interested in tattoos and hanging out with my friends, i like going to shows, and i love photography, im currently in school for medical assisting

heres me!



hope to make some new awesome friends. comment on my friends only entry! :D
want friends?

[10 Jul 2009|10:48pm]
new friends? :) id like some people!

i always comment! :D

23 silly girl!
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[07 Jul 2009|04:26pm]
add mee!!! i need new LJ friends!
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[03 Feb 2009|09:34pm]

hiii im 23 looking for some coool people! :D
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[22 Dec 2008|10:51am]


picturesCollapse )

17, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Horror/Cult movies, music and books.
Lives on her own! Yay! Last year of HighSchool.
Coffee, Intarwebz, Baking, Kicking Ass.
Dancing, Warcraft, iPod. Juggalette!
Reading and writing. Experiencing.

I'd love new friends. I want more journals to read.
Add me?

contact: msn: chainsawhoney@gmail.com
1 :want friends?

[02 Nov 2008|07:22pm]


I'm Niki, i'm 18 and a senior in high school. I like to party, my entries sometimes talk about drugs and or sex. I'm very open minded. I stay pretty busy with two jobs. I've been using Live Journal since middle school, but i recently made a new one and have no friends on here. I'm really into art and I hope to major in graphic design and minor in photography, I post a lot of pictures. I like piercings, big cities, parks at night and crazy adventures.

Any new friends?
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